Ali Safavi On How To Avoid Real Estate “Potholes.”


Ali Safavi has seen it all when it comes to real estate investing. There’s a lot of money to be made, but like any game, there’s a lot to lose. Here are some of Ali Safavi’s tips to avoiding real estate potholes.

1. “The easiest rule to remember,” says Ali Safavi, “never listen to people who don’t invest in real estate. Everyone has an opinion, but it’s your money on the line.

2. Ali Safavi tip number two is to stop listening to people who want to charge you up the wazoo to “teach you how to invest.” There is tons of free information out there. If you really want to bunker down, take a class.

3. Ali Safavi tip number three – stay positive, especially in the beginning! Getting discouraged easily may cause you to throw away an investment that could lead to big gains in the long term.

4. “One mistake I have definitely made,” says Ali Safavi, “is underestimating the repairs needed on an investment property. This can really eat into your returns.”

5. Another important Ali Safavi tip is to not buy old homes without experience.  There can be a lot of hidden repairs. If you’re not careful it can get overwhelming.

These are just a few of Ali Safavi’s top real estate tips. Keep following our blog for more information and education.


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