New Ali Safavi Real Estate Websites!

Last month I decided to start a two new Ali Safavi websites. With so much clutter in the real estate space, I have found that people don’t have the time or interest to search a website for the news that pertains to them. Thus, I have splintered my blog into three new categories: real estate information, property news and reviews. This way, no matter what step you’re at in the investing process there is a website that speaks to your needs.

Ali Safavi Real Estate will still focus on information for real estate investors and property owners. This is a great resource for tips on how to improve your returns and avoid mistakes.

Ali Safavi News will become my hub for listing off-market properties. As some of you may know, buying and selling off-market properties has been my primary focus for the last couple years.  Most of the properties listed will in in the Los Angeles area and will range from $1mm to $500mm. This is a great site for investors actively looking for condos, apartments or houses.

Ali Safavi Reviews is where you can go to read reviews and get information on trusted realtors in Los Angeles. This industry relies on networking and connections, which can be daunting especially for beginners. Ali Safavi Reviews allows you to browse dozens of realtors, investors, and even lawyers. You can then connect with them on their websites or social media pages and begin to grow a network that works for you.

As always, connect with me on Twitter, Instagram or Facebook and I’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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