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How it happened…”fear the Greeks even when they bring gifts.”

Remember the historical tale of the Trojan War between the Greeks and people of the city of Troy? No? Well, let me give you a brief summary:

The Greeks were at war with the Trojans for the best part of 10 years during which they were unsuccessful in breaching the city’s defenses. So, the Greeks came up with a plan of planting a ruse to trick the Trojans into thinking that they had achieved victory while they themselves pretended to make preparations to sail back home in retreat. For their plan, the Greeks decided to construct a large wooden horse which could house a small contingent of fighters to sneak into the city of Troy undetected. The horse, with more than 30 soldiers inside it, was gifted as parting present by the Greeks to the Trojans as a sign of their victory who wheeled it into the city. During the cover of night, the Greek contingent crept out of the large structure and opened the gates for the rest of the Greek army, who had pretended to retreat, to enter the city and overthrow it, resulting in victory for the Greeks.

The purpose of giving a recap of this story was to strike a similarity between it and the events which might unfold when everything looks to be going well and according to plan. An unpleasant situation can spring up on the back of a positive series of events which highlight the randomness of a calamity and its ability to strike an unsuspecting target – as it did with Ali Safavi Real Estate.

A typical business can be affected by a number of external and internal factors which could instigate and give birth to problems which can have a detrimental effect on the business itself as well as the stakeholders associated with it. Some of the most common sources and indicators of business-related problems which might affect you include:

  • Economic Changes
  • Financial Problems
  • Customer Loss
  • Industry-wide Changes

Quickly Develop Awareness over your Situation

When faced with a situation where you have been cheated with, as I have with Ali Safavi Real Estate, a person can lead to doubt his very existence. Many different thoughts come to one’s mind; how could I have not seen this? How could I be so naïve? However, what’s done is done; nothing can be done to change that now. However, for those of you treading on a similar path, it is still not late.

Pinpointing a problem is one thing while acting to resolve the problem is another. Both are a completely different ball game and require a person to harness their analytical as well as interpersonal skills in order to turn the tide in their favor and stop the impending doom which may strike you and your company. If a person is to become a master at efficiently managing and dealing with a crisis situation, they need to be trained in crisis management, should have good situational awareness and problem-solving abilities to pull the company out of a challenging situation.

In addition, an individual’s problem-solving capabilities coupled with impeccable situational awareness also tend to be beneficial in such disaster-like situations, which I found to be extremely helpful in me getting over my ordeal with Ali Safavi Real Estate. Situational awareness is concerned with the ability of individuals to be aware of their surroundings, the foresight to be able to develop different scenarios which might arise as a result of changes beyond their control and the manner in which they react to different situations which are in their own and their company’s best interests. This can go a long way in helping you recover from a seemingly uneasy situation.

To help you become such a person and to provide you with the necessary guidance to escape the clutches of situations which might leave you gasping for air, here are my Ali Safavi key steps to follow on the path to developing awareness about the situation you are faced by:

  • Try and Predict Events
  • Identify and Isolate the Elements around You
  • Trust your gut feeling
  • Do not be Complacent
  • Utilize time effectively
  • Take action
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Develop a to-do and Not to-do List

Whether it’s the simplest of tasks or the most difficult ones, every single one of them requires you to develop a functional plan to go about completing that task in the best possible manner. Talking key decisions which may significantly impact your business should be of utmost importance. Many companies have developed handbooks which have step by step illustrations on how to solve each type of problem one can be faced by within a company. Other companies have SOPs (Standard Operating Procedures) in place to deal with certain situations in a certain manner. All this is possible with intense situational training and disaster simulation to determine the best solution or action to tackle or limit the effects of a problem.

However, in some businesses, you are not afforded with the luxury of being exposed to predetermined sets of problems whose possible solutions have already been earmarked. You have to think of a way to solve the problem by virtue of past experience and basic problem-solving skills to help you along the way. With that being said, there are some basic factors which should be adopted as quickly as possible and those which should only be looked at as a last-ditch attempt to solve a problem. It is important for individuals to stick to these Ali Safavi tips for as much time as possible if they want to recover their lost fortune as quickly as possible.

  • DO Adapt to Changing Market Demands
  • DO NOT over expand your business
  • DO NOT Take Loans to Service Debt

Focus on Opportunities, Top Prospects, and Commitments

In the face of adversity, one should not bind themselves to thinking like a pessimist and losing hope where there is still a ray of light to be seen at the end of the tunnel. One should just think of any difficult situation as a test which they have to pass with flying colors in order to progress in life. Difficulties can sometimes make you nervous and cloud your judgment, leading one to become the master of their own demise.

On the contrary, one should take this as a chance to re-evaluate their business strategy and partnerships if any by highlighting the mistakes made and rectifying them to make sure such situations do not arise in the future. On top of that, one should also look to the future and identify the strengths of their company, identify key market segments and analyze market developments which the company could cater to in order to increase their sales as well as diversify their risk. This helped me a great deal in limiting the damage to Ali Safavi Real Estate, which would have resulted in if I had not made the decision to part with my association with a business acquaintance who had been falsely sealing my money.

An Opportunity Waiting to be Grabbed

After disassociating with him, I sat down and immediately looked at the opportunities I had to quickly recover the lost amount to soften the blow. I diverted my existing resources to cater to newer and much more profitable propositions which could help me get back my lost money. Many would have sit back and go on to limit their financial spending significantly after suffering from such a setback but I treated it as an opportunity to try and turn the tables on fate by acting differently.

The Top Performers

Instead of looking at an expansionary business plan, why not just work on perfecting your existing business setup! One can also opt to improve their current business by reducing inefficiencies and coming up with ways to perfect your existing set up to provide you with more returns in the future. Considering that one should stay cautious especially after recovering from a heavy loss, it would be best to do what you do best; it is as simple as that. Venturing into other markets or even offering something similar to a product which you already manufacture still holds the risk of failure. By focusing on your existing products, you do not step out of your comfort zone which increases your chances of success. Make your best products even better in the eyes of the consumers.

Past and Future Commitments

Another way in which I safeguarded my business to secure my return to the business market was by leaving my clients while we still had a good working relationship. I avoided making farfetched assurances and guarantees and only took orders which were realistically achievable. I did not fall to greed by accepting orders which I could not deliver on time just to make a quick buck. For the sake of professionalism, as far as past commitments were concerned, I compensated all those to whom I failed to keep my word. This gesture went a long way in me gaining appreciation and making my return to the market easy in the future.

“Yes’s are great; no’s are fine.. it’s the maybe’s that will kill you!”

In order to achieve success in the professional world, you should clearly define the boundaries of your abilities. You should be aware of what you are able to do and what you are not able to do. There is no shame in admitting to the fact that you might not be able to perform a task. It is not possible for humans to operate like robots by taking on tasks of variable characteristics and nature. Even the robots in today’s world are specialized to carry out a specific set of related tasks; they are purpose built to carry out unique tasks rather than doing everything one can ask for.

As the owner of Ali Safavi Real Estate, the ability to make effective decisions on behalf of your subordinates is the difference between determining success and failure of your business. Hence, if you occupy such a position, you should be ruthless in making clear cut decisions and be ready to face the consequences or reap the rewards of your decision. Thus, in order to be effective, one should have the self confidence to stand by every decision they take and to defend their choice through facts and past experiences.

  • Consider you Options
  • Do not Hesitate to Make an Unpopular Decision
  • Immediacy and Importance


Don’t Sell Past the Sell

If you are in any way related to field of business concerned with making sales, you may have come across this phrase more than once during your career. Any seasoned salesperson would advise you against selling past the sell. So, what does this phrase mean exactly you ask? Well, the phrase typically cautions sales personnel not to make excessive guarantees and over-the-top promises which they might struggle to keep when luring a potential customer into buying one of their offerings. So once a customer says yes, do not speak any further to try to convince them, period.

Many sales representatives, including some at Ali Safavi Real Estate followed this path of selling to a customer which often backfired as the customer realized that they have been fooled into buying a product or service which is nothing like what had been promised to them by the salesperson. This led to quite a few angry customers at the other end and a lot of venting from my end.

Hence, if you wish to make an honest living, you should not make enemies through selling them a product or service which you yourself would not buy. In today’s world, word of mouth can go a long way in determining the success or failure of your business. It is totally up to you; would you like to serve your customers throughout their lifetime by being trusty in your dealings or just make money from them once and risk the chance of losing a potential repeat customer? A wise person would choose the former any day.

The More Selling you do the Less you’ll Make

Whether this is your first step into the professional world or whether you are re-entering the business landscape on the back of previous failings, there are some basics you should keep locked inside your brain. There are 2 types of people one will come across in their dealings; those who are quality conscious and those who are just concerned with getting more and more of something for a lesser price. Depending on what field of business you are in, you should justify the price of the product or service you are offering.

Quantity as a Consequence of Quality

Focusing on selling more quantity will only work for a product or service which has a sizeable target market as many experts would tell you. With more people willing to buy your product, you can easily focus on making as many units as you can in as lesser time as possible. Such a business is a good option to consider especially for those looking to make some quick money.

However, in case of some companies which follow this model, they tend to completely overlook the quality aspect of the product as they are blinded by the prospect of selling more and more units. This can often lead to customer complaints and a bad word of mouth circulating about the product in the market.

Quality as a Consequence of Quantity

If you wish to follow this path, you also have the potential to go on and make a sizable income. However, this path is more appealing and rewarding for individuals fascinated by the idea of perfection or near perfection to say the least; in this case, it would be me.

Realistically, products which offer superior quality as compared to competing brands always charge a bit extra as they are giving you that something extra with every purchase. As such, high quality products and premium pricing are two terms which go hand in hand. One just has to keep in mind that they should offer something extra and meaningful for the higher price charged. Otherwise, customers will only think of your product as being overpriced and elect to buy other similar products.

So, if you think your product is one which could turn heads or is unique in nature by simply being the only such product in the market, it is recommended that you go for a premium pricing strategy to milk as many money as possible from your customers before your prized jewel sees its monopoly broken or becomes outdated.

Law of Attraction – Projecting Positivity even in Times of Crisis Attracts Others

When faced by such a tough situation, generating and promoting positivity went a long way in subduing the otherwise harmful effects of such a stressful situation. As an individual, it was important not to lose hope no matter how tough the going got. As long as I had hope, there was a chance to turn matters around. Many researchers have reiterated the impact of positivity on individuals and how it helps in their development as well as those around them. Some of the benefits resulting from maintaining a positive attitude consist of;

Lower Levels of Distress

Prolonged exposure to difficult situations can cause distress in many individuals and in severe cases, can also lead to acute depression. Thus, it is of utmost importance to make sure that the situation does not get to you mentally, physically and emotionally as it can have a permanent impact on your well-being.

With that said, maintaining a positive attitude in tough times can lower the level of distress among people and hence bring about a positive change within them. This positivity acts to suppress the negative energy within and around the individual and helps them recover from the situation quickly.

Better Coping Skills During Hardships and Times of Stress

Even if you are not the one facing a difficult situation, the negative emotions can easily be transferred to you if someone in your immediate circle is affected by such a situation. Just ask my wife how my situation caused an unhealthy atmosphere at our home. This condition applies to both households as well as the workplace and can lead to some severe consequences if went unchecked.

Hence, if you are in contact with a distressed soul, you should do your best to boost their morale in order to maintain positivity and minimize the risk your entire household or workplace from being demoralized as a result of their hardships. I cannot thank my wife enough for staying strong and by my side at all times. At the end of the day, healthier work environments attract prospective employees and outperform negative work environments which deter prospective employees and do not promote and good work ethic. It not what I am saying, it’s what the researchers suggest.

Pressure Separates the Best from the Rest

According to many, what constitutes a good leader is their ability to stay resilient in stressful situations. A person with a positive mindset is more likely to lead a company out of a potentially harmful situation as compared to a person boasting a negative mindset who is most likely to take down the company and all of its employees with it.

Have a Safety Net to Lean On

My personal and business savings, as well as investments in stocks and bonds, also helped me in bouncing back from my loss. Every business or company should have such measures in place, especially in today’s turbulent world where the frailties of the economic system can be exposed in as early as a fortnight.

The global recession which started in late 2007 took its toll on many global powers. In particular, the US housing sector is accredited with starting off this negative cycle mainly because banks did not have the proper contingency plan to recover the credit amount which it had lent to individuals who began defaulting on their loans. As such, the importance of having some sort of “Plan B” is important for a business or company to save itself from a particularly “back to the wall” situation.

  • Dive into your Personal Savings
  • Secure a Loan
  • Sell your Assets
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Improve Just 1% Every day

The road to recovery is a long and treacherous path which needs to be followed without the slightest of deviations as I witnessed firsthand. You should be patient while faced with a particularly worrying situation as it clouds your ability to think freely and positively. Every decision you take should be more result oriented from now on and should positively impact all the stakeholders of your business in order to prevent further damage to your company.

Did we talk about the importance of taking things slowly? Well, then the fact that I keep bringing this up again and again should be reason enough for you to stay true to this suggestion as it will only benefit you and your company in the long run.

Automate Tasks

Many companies fail to take advantage of technological innovations which we are bombarded with on a daily basis. They continue to stick with the old and traditional ways which they have grown up with and are comfortable with. Many simply do not want to adopt new ways of doing tasks in exchange for the older ways because either they are weary of the risk of failure associated with trying out something new or simply don’t want to learn better ways to do something. If you have that mentality, then you may limit yourself as well as your company’s potential for growth by displaying such hesitance.

Daily Meetings

Desperate times call for desperate measures. As such, it is important to track the progress of your company on a daily basis, especially after recovering from a hefty loss like I did. Daily meetings went a long way in helping me ensure that my company was on the road to recovery. It allowed me to track whether my workers were completing the tasks assigned to them on time, the responses of clients with regards to the work done for them by my company as well as pinpoint workers who were slacking and causing my company to lose business.

Use Softwares to Track Progress

Another option which I pondered with Ali Safavi Real Estate, but didn’t actually go through with because I did not feel it to be relevant with the size of my company, was the idea of using a software to track my business’s progress. If your nature of work or the size of your company doesn’t allow you to conduct daily meetings to discuss work-related issues at length, then you should possibly look at devising a software which can do that for you. Many organizations have such softwares which allow you to monitor employee performance through checking whether they are completing the work assigned to them for the day and the client’s reaction to the work submitted to them by every employee. This can help you further cleanse your organization of inefficiencies on part of your employees.