Ali Safavi Real Estate | Getting Fast Cash Real Estate Deals

We’re all in real estate to make a profit. It will probably come as no surprise that in order to make profit, you have to put in the work. Deals, for the most part, are not going to just fall into your lap. You have to go out and find them. Here’s my Ali Safavi Real Estate steps to finding fast cash deals where you make a guaranteed profit.

Ali Safavi Real Estate’s Step One

Build a list of 5-7 cash buyers looking for same kind of real estate. Why should they all want the same property? If one or two are MIA, and one or two are on the fence about the deal, then chances are you still have a few that are willing to play ball.

Ali Safavi Real Estate’s Step Two

Create a buyers list spreadsheet.

  • 1st column – contact info.
  • 2nd column –  specs
    •  What do they want? Do they want a house to flip, vacant land, etc
  • 3rd column – zip code of the area they want a property in.
  • 4th column – the profit the buyer wants to make.
  • 5th column – what is the buyer’s exist strategy (what do they want to do with the real estate).
  • 6th column – what are their hot buttons (likes or dislikes).
  • 7th column – next steps.

Ali Safavi Real Estate’s Step Three

Email 15 realtors with the following email:

Hi Bob,

I am a cash buyer with access to ________(budget). I am looking for the following off-market property: Specs of buyer, hot buttons, zip code, profit.

Please email my by Thursday.


(Quick tip on emails. Make sure the email you are sending from looks professional. Some people set up silly names in college and still use it to this day. Anything that looks like spam is going to go right in the trash. Spend a few minutes making sure everything looks professional.

These email may not work the first five times, but you are setting yourself up as the moneyman (or woman). You want to be the go-to person when a potential seller is looking for a buyer. Odds are, eventually one of these realtors will come back to you with a deal. Once this happens, you best have access to the cash. Don’t let opportunities slip through your fingers because you didn’t plan ahead.